Prayer Ministry

Prayer Is the Breath of Christ Followers

We pray according to God’s Character, God’s Will and the nature of God’s Kingdom. We dialogue with God in our prayers, and receive revelations and power from Him when ministering to people in prayer as well as interceding for cities and nations. With the power of prayer, we set people free from bondages, heal and deliver them from past hurts and wounds. It is also through prayer that we impart spiritual gifts, and commission believers to the globe to testify Jesus Christ as our Savior, our Sanctifier, our Healer, and our coming King.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting

All Christian should be praying people. We pray as we go. Wednesday Prayer Meeting is particularly designed for the saints to come together to confirm the revelations received from the Lord, and then pray in unity. Congregations by language groups gather in the meeting rooms or regions for that purpose. We believe the deeper we pray, the clearer we know God’s plan, and the more we understand the situations (Gen. 18:22-33). Whether you are a new Christian or a mature believer, you are welcome to join us experience the power of prayer. Your life will not be the same!

All Church Joint Prayer Meeting

Once a month (mostly the last Wednesday of the month, 7:30-9 pm), the whole church comes to celebrate, testify God’s goodness and His works, give praise and glory to Him and intercede together in the Sanctuary. It is the most joyful moment of the month. Come join us!

Prayer Meeting Schedule

1st Wed: 7:30-8:30pm at Chapel
3rd Wed: Regions

1st & 3rd Wed: Regions

1st & 3rd Wed: 8-9:30pm at A104

All Church
2nd Wed: Family Altar
4th Wed: Joint Prayer Meeting
7:30-9:00pm at Chapel

Prayer Intercession Every Sunday

Every Sunday in the Prayer Room A105, four intercessory teams, standing in the gap in different time slots, intercede for God’s people who come to worship. Our prayer is revelatory and targeted, holding up the services. Because of our faithful intercession, many lives get transformed, and they are empowered to witness Jesus throughout the week.

Sunday Intercession Schedule

8:45-9:30 am
10:30-11 am


Are You in Need of Prayers?

We would love to pray for you. All your prayer request will be confidential.


  1. Request prayers in person during any one of the intercession hour:
    • Sunday: 8:45-9:30 am, 10:30-11 am
    • Wednesday: Weekly Prayer Meeting @ 7:30pm
  2. Contact us at 408.280.1021
  3. Email your prayer requests to us or make appointment with us in the form

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