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Graduate Church Residency

In collaboration with Crown College, our church is delighted to be a partner in presenting a church residency program tailored for individuals pursuing a Master's degree.

Graduate Church Residency is a 2-year program to obtain a fully funded master's degree at Crown College while getting 25 ministry hours/week. It is an opportunity for our church to invest in the lives of future church leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The church will provide housing, a monthly stipend, tuition assistance + a staff member to mentor the resident

  • The following degrees are offered:

    • Ministry Leadership

    • Christian Studies

    • Global Leadership

    • Organizational Leadership


    These 36-credit degree programs include a major core of 24 credits. The residency will fulfill six of the 12 elective credits. Students can select two additional elective courses based on individual interests or specific ministry contexts.

    Crown College will collaborate with the church to establish ministry competencies for residents to demonstrate during their residency experience.

  • Please contact us at to explore Graduate Church Residency. We have limited spots for this residency program.

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