Living Stones Village


Livingstones Village (LSV)

Founded in 1999, Living Stones Village (LSV) is an orphanage for disabled and abandoned children in Guangxi Province, China. Children with missing limbs, cerebral palsy, polio, hearing impairment, blindness, and crippling burn injuries are being raised and treasured in the Village.

LSV’s unique mission is to provide a loving family and self-sufficient community for the orphans, and to bring love into their neighborhood. Fatherless children at LSV experience parental care and guidance as a son or daughter who has a home. Besides academic skills, children at LSV are given opportunities to learn and develop new skills in music, arts, computer, language, etc. Older children are given vocational training and potential job positions at the Village. Moreover, we utilize our village facilities and resources to serve the local people through various activities and training programs. LSV strives to create a harmonious, joyful and loving community to impact our surroundings and our world.