Missions Conference 2021


The word “all” may seem daunting—that is, until you consider the other “alls” Jesus mentions in Matthew 28:18–20: And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you all-ways, to the end of the age”.


We cannot fail in this mission because we carry our King’s credentials


No one is to be denied the opportunity to enter His Kingdom.


Everything we need to remain rooted in His great love and guided in His sacred mission


His Spirit’s abiding 24/7 power and presence

With this Great Commission, we share the DUAL PRIVILEGE of living in the age Jesus ushered in when He departed earthly soil. First and foremost, we have received the priceless gospel. From the mouths of the original sent ones to the ears of those who heard and repeated it over the centuries, we have become recipients of the treasured invitation into the heart of Father through the sacrifice of His Son. Second, we share the enormous privilege of carrying this invitation to the remaining half of our world that has yet to receive it.


This year’s Missions Conference will be held over 3 Sundays in September and we invite you to prepare your hearts to join this all church event. Please also be praying about your Faith Promise commitment for 2022.

Week 2 with Steve & Mary Westergren

Date Time Speaker Details Online Service Link/
Meeting Place
9.17.2021 Fri 7:30 pm Mary Westergren Women’s Gathering
“Hanging on to God thru Prayer”
9.18.2021 Sat 10:00 am Steve & Mary Westergren Workshop
“Resilience in Life’s Ups and Downs”
Sanctuary with Zoom
7 pm Steve & Mary Westergren English Small Groups Gathering Chapel
9.19.2021 Sun 9:45 am Steve & Mary Westergren English, Cantonese Translation Online: YouTube
In Person: Sanctuary
11:15 am Steve & Mary Westergren English, Mandarin Translation Online: YouTube
In Person:
Sanctuary, Chapel
4:00 pm Steve & Mary Westergren English New Vine Community Church
360 S. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA
Week 3 with Brett & Celine Bower
Date Time Speaker Details Online Service Link/
Meeting Place
9.22.2021 Wed 7:30 pm Concert of Prayer
9.24.2021 Fri 7:30 pm Brett Bower Young Adults, Career
9.25.2021 Sat 10:00 am Community Outreach Details and register
7 pm Brett & Celine Bower Youth E2 Sanctuary
9.26.2021 Sun 9:45 am Brett & Celine Bower English, Cantonese Translation Online: YouTube
In Person: Sanctuary
11:15 am Brett Bower English Online: YouTube
In Person: Sanctuary
11:15 am Celine Bower English, Mandarin Translation Online: YouTube
In Person: Chapel
4:00 pm Brett & Celine Bower English New Vine Community Church
360 S. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA

2022 Missions Faith Promise

• Enable Alliance workers to be nimble and responsive to urgent needs
• Make it easy for missions giving to be a part of your regular budget
• Connect to what God is doing throughout the world
• Create long-term sustainability for Alliance ministries

A Faith Promise is an active step of faith you can take over the next year to give all people the opportunity to hear and respond to Jesus’ invitation.

The “Faith” part means that you are trusting God to provide; the “Promise” part is your commitment to give what the Holy Spirit has prompted you to give. You may not know right now where these additional funds will come from, but you are intentionally trusting God to provide the amount you have pledged.


Steve and Mary Westergren

Steve and Mary are celebrating 35 years as Alliance International Workers this summer. Their journey began in 1986 when they were first assigned to ministry in Thailand, with the goal that they would eventually re-open the Cambodian field after all mission work had stopped during the country’s dark 15-year history of genocide and Communist occupation. God surprisingly opened that door to re-establish Alliance work in Cambodia in early 1990. Over the next 20 years, the Westergrens were involved in a wide variety of ministries, including field leadership, church planting, leadership development, and the culminating work of establishing Fount of Wisdom Publishing House, which Steve turned over to Cambodian leadership in 2010. During their subsequent home assignment year, God began forming a dream inside of the Westergrens to assist in the area of Alliance Member Care, so after doing further education in counseling, the Westergrens returned to Southeast Asia in 2013. Mary worked as a mental health counselor at Cornerstone Counseling Foundation for the next 6 years and Steve served as the Executive Director of The Well Member Care Center, both located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 2019, the Alliance asked Steve to give guidance to the growing Alliance Member Care ministry as the Member Care Coordinator, while Mary serves as a Member Care Professional. They have four adult children and four beautiful granddaughters. Because of the difficulties of global COVID travel restrictions, the Westergrens have made Indiana their home base for the next few years, traveling to our Alliance fields as often as possible.


Brett and Celine Bower

After serving in Kosovo for 4 years, Brett and Celine transitioned to France in 2010. France has a population of 67 million people. Once the cradle of the Protestant Reformation, today less than 1 percent are evangelical Christians with very few cities having “Gospel” churches. The C&MA U.S. has been in France in over 42 years partnering with the French C&MA national church called L’Alliance des Eglises Chretiennes Missionaires which consists of 44 churches. Half of those churches are Asian ethnic churches (Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Hmong). Currently, 10 C&MA families are in 3 cities involved in church planting & leadership development. This includes Envision site staff for short-term teams & interns.

During their first term in France, they were full time language students in the town of Albertville for 1 year. Then they moved north to the capital Paris which has a population of 10 million people. The Bowers partnered with Trinity International Church (www.trinityparis.com) as directors of their cultural outreach center called “Genesis.” Their ministry included (pre-)evangelism and discipleship, mentoring & leadership development. During the last two years, Brett also served as the C&MA Paris Team leader and the C&MA France Field Director (2013-15).

During their last term, they focused on developing leaders. They partnered with local French Alliance churches in the Paris region in mentoring and developing emerging French young leaders in the area of spiritual formation. Celine also served as the C&MA Assistant France Field Director (2019-21).