Missions Conference 2023


The task of reaching the unreached is hard.
But God remains faithful to open doors to those
who have yet to experience His loving embrace.

The world’s remaining unreached peoples have disadvantaged access to the good news of Jesus. Over 4,000 distinct people groups lacking gospel access remain in locations from which 90 percent of their population will never migrate.

Within each society of these unreached groups are also pockets of people with specific needs. These groups are often overlooked, though not by our God.

The time is now. for gospel advance in the world’s hardest places.


We invite you to prepare your hearts to join this all church event. Please also be praying about your Faith Promise commitment for 2024.

Date Time Details Meeting Place
9.8.2023 Fri 7:30 pm Session 1 In Person: Sanctuary
9.9.2023 Sat 7 pm Session 2 In Person: Sanctuary
9.10.2023 Sun Session 3
9:30 am English, Cantonese Translation In Person: Sanctuary
11:15 am English, Mandarin Translation In Person: Sanctuary
4:00 pm English New Vine Community Church
360 S. Shoreline Blvd.,
Mountain View, CA
4:30 pm Mandarin New Spring Church
3435 Birchwood Lane,
San Jose, CA 95132

2024 Missions Faith Promise

The Alliance family has been marked by radical generosity from its beginning. The sacrificial giving of generations of Alliance people like you has resulted in more than 6.3 million believers worshiping in 24,000 Alliance churches in more than 80 countries!The only way to fulfill our Alliance All of Jesus for All the World vision is to continue to extend gospel presence among the remaining unreached peoples of the world. That will take more workers being sent, more churches being established, and more national church leaders being trained. And all of this takes YOU. Your bold generosity is the fuel that extends gospel presence to those who still await Jesus’ loving embrace.

A Faith Promise is an active step of faith you can take over the next year to give all people the opportunity to hear and respond to Jesus’ invitation.

The “Faith” part means that you are trusting God to provide; the “Promise” part is your commitment to give what the Holy Spirit has prompted you to give. You may not know right now where these additional funds will come from, but you are intentionally trusting God to provide the amount you have pledged.


You are needed.
Fulfilling our All of Jesus for All the World vision requires all of us to be present.

When you make a faith promise, you:
• Enable Alliance workers to be nimble and responsive to urgent needs
• Make it easy for missions giving to be a part of your regular budget
• Connect to what God is doing throughout the world
• Create long-term sustainability for Alliance ministries

Will you make a Faith Promise?

Together we can extend gospel presence throughout the least-reached places of the world!