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We are so glad that you are interested in visiting us!

We would love for you to be a part of our family and share the joy and hope we have found in Jesus Christ. We are one big, diverse family growing together through the good news of Jesus Christ. Come and join us in this journey. We have put together some helpful information below to make your visit easier. Please contact us if you have any other questions. We hope to see you soon!

Sunday Worship

On any given Sunday, over 1,000 believers, young and old from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, come together in different congregations, to worship God. Although we come from different walks of life, cultures and languages, we are one big family under one roof. And we worship the God of all nations. We know that heaven is going to be made up of people from every tribe, tongue and nation. We may as well practice that reality on this side of heaven.

Cantonese 粵語崇拜

9:30-10:45am in Sanctuary 大禮堂

All Gen English

11:15-12:25pm in Sanctuary

Mandarin 國語崇拜

11:15-12:25pm in Chapel 小禮堂

New Spring 新泉(國語)

@ 3435 Birchwood Ln, San Jose

Partnering Churches

Vietnamese Worship Service
Giờ Thờ-phượng

1:00-2:30 pm in Chapel

Cambodian Worship Service

3-5 pm C103-104

Arabic Service

12:30pm Sunday @SJCAC C101/C102

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Grow Together

Weekly Prayer Meetings

Prayer is part of our DNA
We believe that our God hears, sees and responds to our prayers today just as He did in the days of old. We come together by language groups each Wednesday night to seek His heart and His plan for us and the world. We have seen God move mightily through the prayers of His people. Come and experience the power of united prayer.

Family Altar / Ignite – All church 2nd Wednesday
Joint Prayer Meeting
4th Wednesday of the month  7:30-8:30pm in Chapel

Fellowships & Small Groups

Small groups and fellowships are where we connect with others for mutual support and encouragement. Many of the groups study the Bible together and discuss how it applies to our lives today. We have over 30 small groups and fellowships that meet either at the church or throughout different homes in the Bay Area. The door is always open, and we love visitors. Please click one of the language links for specific information, locations and schedules.
Cantonese 粵語        English        Mandarin 國語

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Local Ministries

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to address the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs of people. Our local ministries focus on serving the people living in the neighborhoods around our church, with the ultimate goal of introducing them to God’s message of salvation.

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Address: 2360 McLaughlin Ave.,
San Jose, CA 95122

Email: info@sjcac.org or contact form
Phone: 408-280-1021  |  Fax: 408-280-0441

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Public Transportation

The best choice of the Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) are the route #26 and #72. They bring you to within a very short distance from our entrance. If you cannot access these routes directly, please contact VTA for connection information.

VTA Customer Service: (408) 321-2300 or (800) 894-9908 outside Santa Clara County  |  (408) 321-2330 TTY