Worship Ministry



SJCAC’s Worship Ministry is a cross congregational ministry that serves to train, equip, and support existing and prospective praise team members. Most importantly, we seek to raise up Spirit-filled worshippers; worshippers in Spirit and Truth whom the Father is looking for.

Worship Ministry Activities

Praise Team Ministry

Serving with respective Praise Team Ministries (Mandarin, Cantonese, English), with Musical and Spiritual development along the way


Cross Congregational, generational, and multi-lingual praise teams for church wide conferences (Missions Conference in the Fall, Deeper Life Conference in the Spring)

SJCAC School of Worship

Empowering and Raising up Worshippers! Practical and Spiritual Training for current and perspective praise team members



This 5-Week Worship Training Course is designed to prepare students to become Worshippers of skilled musicianship. Through encountering the presence of God in worship, teaching sessions, and practical musical training, students will be equipped to bring back Spirit-filled worship into their ministry context.

With over 80+ students that have gone through the School of Worship and now preparing for our 5th school, it has been a joy to witness the Lord himself raising up his worshippers!

Who May Apply?

Those who desire to go deeper in worship!

Current or prospective praise team members (Ages 12+)

Instrumentalists (At least a beginner skill level)

Vocalists and Audio/Visual praise team members

Open to ministries outside SJCAC as well

Class Structure

Harp & Bowl:

Worship & Intercession Using Scripture (Time with Abba)


Classes Teaching theological foundations for worship, with ministry response time


Time for students to worship and play in organized teams, with feedback given along the way

Sample Schedule:

8:30 AM –  Reading and Scribing Scripture (Time With Abba)

9:30 AM – Intercession, Praying out Scripture

10:00 AM – Class Session

11:00 AM – Musical Jamming

12:00 PM – End


Dates and Time

5 Weeks

Saturday Mornings, 8:30AM – 12:00PM


San Jose Christian Alliance Church

2360 McLaughlin Ave

San Jose, CA 95122


Students are allowed to miss a maximum of 1 class. Please communicate prior to the beginning of the course

Training Objectives:


    • Learning Team Dynamics: how to play with other instruments in a worship band setting
    • Practicing prophetic worship through spontaneous song, scripture, & improvisation
    • Developing integrity as a worship team member: communication, practice, timeliness, servanthood


Session Topics: What is Worship? Holy Spirit, Prophetic Worship, Levitical Model of Worship, Practical Preparation for Worship

How to Apply

Registration for School of Worship, Fall 2019 will open later this summer. Please stay tuned, more details to come!

Upcoming School of Worship

Fall 2019 October – November (5 Weeks)

San Jose Christian Alliance Church

2360 McLaughlin Ave

San Jose, CA 95122

More details to be provided later this summer

How Can I Get Involved in Worship Ministry at SJCAC?

We welcome you to apply for our upcoming SJCAC School of Worship.

You may also email us at schoolofworship@sjcac.org