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School of Worship Fall 2019

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School of Worship – Fall 2019

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SJCAC’s Worship Ministry is a cross congregational ministry that serves to train, equip, and support existing and prospective praise team members. Most importantly, we seek to raise up Spirit-filled worshippers; worshippers in Spirit and Truth whom the Father is looking for.

Worship Ministry Activities

Praise Team Ministry

Serving with respective Praise Team Ministries (Mandarin, Cantonese, English), with Musical and Spiritual development along the way


Cross Congregational, generational, and multi-lingual praise teams for church wide conferences (Missions Conference in the Fall, Deeper Life Conference in the Spring)

SJCAC School of Worship

Empowering and Raising up Worshippers! Practical and Spiritual Training for current and perspective praise team members



Testimony 1

These past 5 days have been transformative for me. For the past 7 months I’ve been in this pruning season. It’s been a hard time for me because God has been stripping away a lot of me and filling me with more of him. One part of this process has been withdrawing from the ministries I’m involved in children and worship ministry. After being on a break for so long I’ve had a greater perspective on worship. Participating within the congregation showed me to remember to be a worshipper before joining the team. But Levites School has changed my mind in how I viewed worship and song writing. I wanted to be a worshipper that invited the Holy Spirit and brought people a life changing experience. But that was wrong. The point of worship isn’t to have supernatural experience, it’s to bring glory to him and spend time with God. 

What I tried to do was wrong. And now I see it’s about worshipping God. The congregation and people don’t matter. I still struggle with this in how I feel pressure of being watched. I need God to fix my eyes on him alone. The other transforming moment of this Levites was in songwriting.

I’ve been songwriting for the past 3 years and not a single one was a praise song. Lately the songs I’ve written have been about myself. I completely understand that the type of music I listen to impacts my songwriting. So now I have to change that. I’ve never considered songwriting to be a lifestyle but that is a lifestyle to pursue. Additionally God changed my heart to write my own songs. Normally I want to write songs that sound good to me. But I had this pride that songs by me had to sound good. If not they weren’t good enough. This is why I struggled so much on the first days of the workshop. But now I realize what I write shouldn’t matter as long as I give glory to God in any songs. Songs come from God and are put on my lips by him. So I have to glorify him. Stillbirth more songs.

This Levites School has also set me back on track. On track to live a holy life, set apart for God as a Levites. Strangely after not using my phone for this week and my previous weeks at camp and Mexicali; I find it useless. My idols are dead to me. I want to continue this fasted lifestyle. 

I want to keep pursuing after God in intercession and worship. I enjoy TWA and want to spend time with God, rather than being commanded. I want to live my life in a way that pleases him. For now I’m unsure of what that exactly looks like in my life, but I ask God as I go and keep praising him. This isn’t some mountain experience to enjoy and leave behind, this is a change in goals and lifestyle. My life is no longer my own. It is now a living sacrifice given to God alone.

I’m so glad I came to Levites School. Originally I was going to go volunteer at a Christian summer camp. It was going to be a lot of fun and not growing for me. But I listened to God’s call to come. And I’m glad i did or otherwise I wouldn’t live a full life as a Levite. It was a sacrifice to come and will be a sacrifice to continue living this way. But it is all worth it.

Testimony 2

Amen! By the Grace of God, I can express what I’ve received from him right away! I still remember when I just arrived to SFO/SJ, E brought me to his house to cook a family dinner. When I was cutting onions, which makes people cry, M said, “Oh, the first tears of the US, you will cry more in Levites School.” At that moment, I just said to myself, “He’s just kidding. I’m not gonna cry. Worship camp will be like PCS, I will not cry.” For I thought I’m not gonna cry. But actually, I’m not free yet. I’m still in my personal pride saying, “Boy’s don’t cry!”

Between these few days, session through session, I thought that it was nothing special. Almost all the things I’ve already heard or know. But when the start of the Freedom in Worship workshop, at first I couldn’t move, when R encouraged us to dance. I just was standing up and down, clapping my hands. But God tried to tell me that I needed to be set free. “Be Free.” But because of my personal fears and my mind, my body just stopped . Moving on, When R shared how Jesus died for me, “6 hours, every breath is in pain, everything is killing him.” Then I asked Jesus, “O Lord, please let me feel the pain you felt, “ the Spirit of the Lord just showed up , and he brought me back to the day Jesus died, and he told me, “it’s worth it to suffer to death for 6 hours for you my son, because I love you so much! Much more than you could imagine.” My tears were dripping, and I started to feel bad or guilty. I couldn’t breath because this is the first time Jesus said to me, “I love you” in person. That feeling and so kind. “I put you in my hand, and you are beloved. Show me, show me how you’ll respond to my love toward you to me.” Since that tears, things started to change.

Again in the next days when the workshop started, I said to God: “I don’t care what people are going to think about me, I don’t care! All I have to care is about how you like my dance, you are willing to die for me, Why am I not willing to dance for you?” Then, I started to dance before my king. The Holy Spirit and the presence of God was so strong. Stronger that I could imagine! As I was dancing, I saw the smiling face of God was so bright! After the dance, I truly felt that I was set free, I was free to dance. Free to sing, free to shout it out.

On Saturday night, the Bring-a-Friend night, when the music started, the Holy Spirit just started to stir my heart. My body started to move, and he was telling me to dance for him. I said, “OK, watch me dance for you!” Then I started to move. I jumped until my hands and legs were shaking. And P asked me to dance in the front. But as there were not that many people dancing, most of them were just clapping their hands. I DON’T CARE, ALL I WANT TO DO IS DANCE FOR HIM!! Then I got up to the front, to dance freely, others may think I’m in a wrong beat. My hands and feet are not perfect, but I heard God telling me, “Good job, my boy, nice moves!” Yeah! I’m set free, I’m free indeed.

Testimony 3

In this Levites School, The presence of the Lord filled us from day 1 to day 5. We learned how to be true worshippers and Levites as well as learning to worship in the spirit and not flesh. In this time, chains were broken and the Spirit of the Lord came down on everyone.

One of my favorite things that happens in the morning is during TWA. You got to really slow down and talk to the father. From then on, you go and do FOTA which has been powerful for we are declaring God’s word together in one spirit. When I went into my Freedom in Worship workshop, we learned the power and how marvelous jesus really is. WE experienced the true love and pain it was for him to die for us. While in the spirit, we are able to be free and dance, while being quiet and calm before the Lord. We learn that freedom is not something we deserve or can purchase, but it is through the blood of Jesus and God’s grace that we can be free in spirit. We also learned the power of intercession through R’s sharing. He shared how God took him to places where people were suffering, getting abused, or grieving for lost ones. In these situations, he could do nothing but call upon the Lord’s name for these people. In those situations, he really feels God’s love and Abba saying, “I love you.” In this workshop, we learned about how much God really loves us.

One Saturday of the Freedom in worship workshop, we were kneeling in God’s presence when the Lord gave me the image linked to a previous image of my final destination revealed in LSV. It was an image of my Dad’s dad (who passed away before I was born) sitting in a blue SUV smiling with glasses. The car was in a shop getting fixed by Jesus and there were angels everywhere and bright mountains in the background. This linked to the other picture because God was telling me that my spirit is in one of my final destinations and he was waiting for the right time to reach down and take me over the mountains into Heaven. It was in this moment that I really felt God’s love since my grandpa was smiling even though he died a very painful death. I learned that our God is a faithful and loving God that cares for all beings.

Worship was another highlight since it was spirit filled. In these moments, you were really able to have intimacy with the Father. In winter retreat, E once said, “you don’t remember the sermons usually, but the worship.” So to be honest, I don’t really remember the sermons but how the worship felt. In the worship, it was the true meaning and feeling of drinking from the living water and resting at the Lord’s feet.

Through this experience, I have learned that God is a loving God who cares for us and seeks faithful servants and wants to have an intimate relationship with us. In this Levites school, I have felt the true meaning to be a worshipper and rest in the Lord’s presence. His presence is so overwhelming, that you need it or you will die. I really had a lot of fun and enjoyed this opportunity to be intimate with my father.

Testimony 4

In these few days, I have been more changed than any other place. In just these few days God has been working in me and reconnecting me to Him. I think that God really was speaking to me and helping me to get back to him by laying down idols, taking down sins like pride and really just getting me to worship with all of my heart. I also learned and experienced many new things, like prayer walking for the first time at Tea Lyfe (Vietnam Town) and interceding for people. And in these days, I have been spending more time with God than most other days. Even though a fasted lifestyle is really tiresome, I feel like I learned a lot more without distractions. Levites School has really just been a blessing; from the first day and the first session to the last. I also got to know more people and really just how to fellowship with them having FOTA and/or TWA with them has been a blessing. 

Something else I learned these few days is how to pray, like really pray. Before I would pray in only one way and each prayer would almost be identical. But now, I can pray in so many different ways and most of them would in no way sound the same and be more spirit-filled. Along with learning how to pray in different ways, I also learned what things I should be praying for. In the beginning, the only things I prayer for was for God to give, give, and give. But now, I pray in declaration of God’s traits. I pray in declaration of God’s traits. I pray in repentance of sin. I pray for the promises of God to be fulfilled.

In conclusion, even though at the start I didn’t want to come because of all the work, Levites School has really been influential and a blessing.

Testimony 5

These 5 days really freed me to worship the Lord with all my heart. God really touched my heart on how he loves me. He revealed to me that the evil spirit will always try to scare me. He told me when they do, worship Him with all my heart. The evil one hates when we worship God. It will flee as soon as the Holy Spirit enters our body, soul, and spirit.

I had a dream one night that my whole life was falling apart. Everyone I love was drifting away from me and I was left with nothing. R encouraged us to have dialogue with God. So I wrote my dream in my journal and prayed for him to reveal to me what it meant. Later when I was soaking in the Lord’s presence, He showed me the Garden of Eden. He told me if He sent a dream it would look like that. He told me not to let the evil spirit confuse or scare me and that I am his child and he will protect me. The dream still traumatizes me but now I know that when things will go wrong, he will protect me. No matter how bad the situation is or how much I’ve sinned.

Coming to this Levites School I was carrying many evil spirits such as anxiety, low-self esteem, and feeling unworthy of any love. But God revealed to me that he’s going to protect me and that I don’t have to worry. He told me that he’s pleased with me no matter what. That all I have to do is trust in him. 

One thing Levites School has freed me from is the spirit of pride. I would almost never raise my hand during worship. I would feel as if I didn’t have to because God wouldn’t care if I raised my hand at all. But he revealed to me that it wasn’t my hand he was concerned about. He told me I wasn’t worshipping truly and fully. He revealed to me sins I needed to confess that was hindering me from truly worshipping. So after confessing my sins at the cross, I felt this wave of peace and freedom. I no longer needed to worry about how others saw me while I worshiped. 

In conclusion, Levites school revealed to me how much weight I was carrying and how God wanted to take away those pains and replace them with love and joy. Now I can worship with all my heart. I still have a lot to learn. Learning to worship is a slow process. But I will never stop worshipping the Lord, because he is worthy!

Testimony 6

This past week I went to Levites School for 5 days. I participated with no phones, computers, ipads or any form of electronic device. I also had no books, cards, or any games. This was so we could focus wholly on God and worshipping Him. Before coming to Levites school, I read a book called “Exploring Worship,” I wrote a three page essay on it. I came to Levites school hoping for the knowledge on how to play my instrument in worship. But I have learned a lot more. I learned how to play chords on the keyboard, the purpose and differences between praise and worship, how to worship, and learned in sessions about worship and regular sermons. At Levites School, in the beginning I had a bad attitude and was impatient and restless. Now, I have a good attitude and have learned how to be still before the Lord in worship. I now know about preparing for worship (emotionally and physically), feeling the Holy Spirit in worship, and basics of worship; I learned more than the average Christian knows probably, in 1 week. My favorite part of Levites School was when we performed at Tea Lyfe. I really felt the Holy Spirit there, and I could tell others could too. I felt people coming in with a depressed spirit and coming out with a joyful spirit. That made me really happy. In addition, at my host’s house, my friends and I learned about communicating with god. There was one night where one of my friends could sense fear and darkness and I was getting scary images from Satan as well. But we prayed and sang and the Devil and his spirits were cast out as well. That night, I learned to talk to God as my Father, and not as the one image we may see; Great and mighty. That night, I saw Him as my daddy and that changed the way I think of Him. In addition to all these, I changed the way I feel about myself. I made a new friend and I had a good time. I feel I’m more confident and am closer to my friends. I feel like God’s deliverer and His messenger. I AM A CHILD OF GOD!

I felt the Holy Spirit in worship and for the first time, I heard God’s voice clear and loud; I’m sure it was Him. I now know how to know if a thought is mine or if it’s a voice of God. Another time, I heard His voice in worship. He said, “You are a child of God. You precious, precious child. Rest at my feet and lay down” He kept repeating it and I believed it. After Levites School, I know have  stronger relationship with God and a greater horizon of understanding of worship. I’m glad I came and I hope to come again next year. 


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