Family Altar

Abba’s Heart

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, families will be gathering together around a meal to build an altar of praise, worship and prayer. If you are single or an empty nester, we also want to encourage you to gather together with others as a spiritual family to do the same. Have a wonderful time, and we look forward to hearing how your time went.

Dinner Table Discussion

Table discussion does not have to be limited to the following questions. 

  • What are some of the rules in life? (i.e. don’t play with fire, stop at the red traffic light, don’t cheat and lie)
  • Why do you choose to obey or disobey these rules?
  • Is obedience necessary? Is it difficult? What consequences are there with disobedience?


  • Choose a simple song to sing as a family.
  • Have a short round of praising God for who He is.

Message for the family

God Your Keeper

  • Obedience, the Test of Faith, read p. 19 (January 9) from ‘Abba’s Heart’ and prepare a short devotion appropriate for your family.
  • The message can be paraphrased or be read depending on the age of your group.

Family Talk

Read the following questions and have them listen and reflect what the question means to the individual, share afterwards. No need to go through every question, but use it as a guide for conversation.

When we can see the ending or outcome, it’s easy to obey and do what God asks of us. Sometimes though, we cannot see what the outcome will be; yet God still asks us to trust him and obey. In these types of situations, it can be very difficult to do what he asks of us.

  • In what areas of your life do you live by faith, simply obeying and trusting God?
  • In what areas of your life are you comfortable and do not require faith or trust in God?
  • What do you need to do to have faith and obedience to God’s leading in your life?

Family Blessing

Take turns blessing one another. Bless each family member to put his or her trust in Abba in all situations. By that, he or she will live in peace, joy and contentment.


Obedience, the Test of Faith

Faith is a concept that few can grasp. It is not something to be learned in a classroom situation or through careful explanation, the only way to know faith is to experience it. To experience it, one must begin to obey what God says despite of one’s doubts.

The opposite of faith is doubt. We have doubts about God’s will, His intentions, His power and His ways. Everything about God can be put to the test in our mind, taking us on a reverse journey of disbelief. In other words, our human intellect, which is supposed to assist us, actually becomes a hindrance. The more you think about it, the more you
would not simply obey.

The Psalmist was close to death, he was in deep suffering and tears became commonplace m his daily life. How can this situation be reconciled with the love of God, the power of God and the intent of God to do good and not evil? All the sighing and anguish the Psalmist experienced were telling him that God might not be able to deliver him this time.

The mind of Sarah must be very active when she received God’s promise of an offspring through her. Consider her menopausal age, the common medical knowledge, the age of her husband and so on, no one in the world had ever done that. If God wanted to give her a child, why didn’t He give one to her when she was much younger? All these did not made sense to her.

Abraham must have had an even greater struggle when God told him to sacrifice his only son. Not after all this Abraham must have thought. Is God playing a joke on me? Is He out of His divine mind? They had gone on a “faith roller coaster” since the day they received the promise. Now it came to pass but God wanted them to give the promise up.  Isaac was a young boy then, why didn’t God take Isaac away earlier to avoid such great pain?

The endings to the three stories are good, the Psalmist saw his enemies scattered; Sarah was able to laugh heartily this time (despite her mocking laugh earlier); and Abraham got his son back on the mountain where God did provide. A common theme: simple obedience triumphs over complicated human thinking. The false prophets do not fully obey God, their fruits betray their true identity. Preaching the Word and performing signs and wonders cannot qualify one for the Kingdom, if these are done without true obedience. A sure foundation against the storms of life is obedience to the Word of God. Are you in doubt? Obey God.