Family Altar

Abba’s Heart

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, families will be gathering together around a meal to build an altar of praise, worship and prayer. If you are single or an empty nester, we also want to encourage you to gather together with others as a spiritual family to do the same. Have a wonderful time, and we look forward to hearing how your time went.

Dinner Table Discussion

Table discussion does not have to be limited to the following questions. 

  • “If you are assigned to be a bodyguard of a person 24/7, what are the requirements you need to meet?”
  • “How long do you think you could continue this assignment and why?”


  • Choose a simple song to sing as a family.
  • Have a short round of praising God for who He is.

Message for the family

God Your Keeper

  • Read p. 329 (November 14th) from ‘Abba’s Heart’ and prepare a short devotion appropriate for your family.
  • The message can be paraphrased or be read depending on the age of your group.

Family Talk

Read the following questions and have them listen and reflect what the question means to the individual, share afterwards. No need to go through every question, but use it as a guide for conversation.

  • Who is the first person you think of when you are mostly in need? Why?
  • How is your relationship with this person? How often do you spend time with him, and how do you respond to his requests?
  • If this person doesn’t respond to your requests as quickly as you expect, what is your appropriate attitude?
  • If you choose God to be your helper and protector, would you drive Him crazy whenever you are in need? Why and why not?

Family Blessing

Take turns blessing one another. Bless each family member to put his or her trust in Abba in all situations. By that, he or she will live in peace, joy and contentment.


God Your Keeper

Do you know that God is your keeper?  When you have something valuable and precious, you try to keep it, put it in a safe place so that others may not take it away. If you are precious in God’s sight.  He is going to keep you and would not let anything happen to you without His permission. We must believe in the ability and willingness of God to protect us in this world of danger and confusion. The psalmist begins the psalm with seeking help from God.

He first looks up to earthly hills and mountains that are symbols of strength and stability. Fung Shui masters look at the hills as backing and protection. We have a tendency to look to the created things for our protection and help. When we are sick, we seek help from medicine: when we are poor, we seek help from rich people; when we are lonely, we seek help from friends. All of us are looking around for help except calling out to the Lord.  Our God is above all created things For He is the Creator, the Maker of heaven and earth.

God is your best Protector and Keeper, He knows everything and His eye is constantly on you. There is no need for Him to take a nap and He is always awake and alert, sensitive to what you are going through and is ready to help. He does not only help individuals, He is also the God of Israel, the whole nation. His presence is the best protection you can have. When He is at your right hand, He can shade you from the sun and the moon. While the worshipers of heavenly bodies often cast curses on us, the Maker of sun and moon and stars is right here with us.

Any evil forces, those powers and principalities that are anti-God, cannot harm us For God will keep us from all evil. Again in the Lord’s prayer, we are told to ask God’s protection: “Deliver us from the evil one.” Our lives are m His hand and no evil can take them away from us.  As we go out and as we go in, the Lord’s presence will be with us. His presence will go with us from this world even to the next. Forevermore is something we cannot fathom but knowing that God is there, we are safe.

Are you fearful of the future, of what can happen to you? Are you in fear of bad things happening, accidents or sickness?  Such fear comes because of a lack of faith m your Keeper and Protector. The presence of God in your life is the best guarantee of His protection. Insecurity will come in when you wander away from the Lord just like when a child leaves the presence of his parents, he will be afraid.

Bring all your worries and anxieties to Him now, for He can undertake them for you. He is 3ust a prayer away. As you pray and stay in His presence, all fears will subside and peace will return. Remember, He is your only Keeper and Protector.