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Proposed Plan for Re-Gathering in Person at SJCAC
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Dear Family,

As you should know by now, the situation regarding the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has drastically changed once again.  As of this morning, we are officially under the county mandated “Shelter-In-Place” order for the next three weeks. Simple things we took for granted such as gathering together in worship, prayer and fellowship, going to work, and enjoying what life has to offer, are now momentarily out of reach.  The Lord is teaching us to value a simple life—one without all the complexities and grandiosity we have grown to pursue. Perhaps this is the good that is coming out of this horrible COVID-19 outbreak. Our church staff met this morning via Zoom to pray and discuss how we must respond to the ever-changing situation of this current crisis.  As we enter into this unprecedented season for the church, here is important information regarding our actions in response to the updated precautions:

  1. In compliance to the county’s order of “Shelter-In-Place”, the Church Office will remain closed until April 7 or upon further notice.  All ministry meetings will be conducted via Zoom during the “Shelter-In-Place” period. A free personal Zoom account allows meetings up to 45 minutes.  You can also use other free platforms such as Google Hangout, Facetime, or Facebook Messenger. If you need assistance in setting up longer meetings for official ministry purposes, please contact Eugene at

  2. Our Sunday worship services will be broadcast at the normal times (English & Cantonese at 9:30AM, and Mandarin at 11:20AM) via Facebook Livestream at  While we may not be able to gather in person for a season, we have an unprecedented opportunity to engage the world through online platforms.  Invite your friends and families to join in with you. Find ways to encourage and pray for them.

  3. Tomorrow evening, Wednesday at 8PM, our Pastoral staff will hold special gatherings in 3 languages via Zoom to process what God is teaching us and to pray for one another.  As we are ordered to stay in our residences for the next three weeks, it will be all the more important for us to have a way to encourage one another in prayer and fellowship.  Please use one of the following links to join the online meeting for your respective language/age group.

    1. English:

    2. Cantonese:

    3. Mandarin:

    4. Youth:

  4. We will be hosting Focus On Missions on April 5 via Zoom Webinar.  The details will go out in a separate email, so please plan on joining us through Webinar three Sundays from now.  We will inform you of the status of all future events (including Good Friday/Easter weekend), as more will unfold in the days ahead.

  5. We have created a few resources for our community to care and share love.  I felt so loved and blessed by several families dropping off rolls of toilet paper after I shared last Sunday about my predicament.  This is just one small example of what it means for us to be family. Please consider the elderly and the sick in our community and find ways to help and pray for them.

    1. If you have any particular needs during this season, please use the form to let us know how we can help.

    2. If you are going through  financial difficulties due to the current crisis, please contact either one of the Pastors or Elders of your congregation to request assistance.

    3. We also have set up a Facebook “SJCAC Community” where people can freely share needs as well as resources.  You can do a search on Facebook (“SJCAC Community”) and will have to request permission to join the online community.

This is much to share in one email, but I also do not want to bombard you with multiple emails throughout the week.  Please do not hesitate to contact our Pastoral staff if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions.

It is time for the Church to rise against the spirit of fear and anxiety that has overtaken the world. Rise up!  Let us be ALL that God has meant us to be for such a time as this!


Rev. Ted Kang

Last update: 3/13/2020

Dear Family,

In the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, God is teaching us how to be the Church.  The virus may prevent us from coming together in one place as a large Church family, but it cannot break the bond of fellowship we share in Christ. I had to think hard about what it meant for the first-century believers to be the Church in the face of persecution and opposition.  Or what it means for Chinese Christians to continue their worship and fellowship when their buildings have been taken away.

Our team has been meeting by the hour making the necessary preparation for moving our worship to an online format.  This Sunday’s worship will be an historic one in the 45-year history of our church for sure. We are choosing this unprecedented measure not out of fear, but out of love to mitigate the further spread of the virus in our community.  This time will pass. But, this is also not the time to be in isolation. Find new ways to stay connected with your fellow saints using technology and various platforms (i.e., Google Hangout, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, etc…) that are available.  We will continue to find ways to stay in community in a safe and responsible manner as we navigate through this crisis.

See you all on Facebook Live this Sunday.

9:30AM: English and Cantonese
11:20AM: English and Mandarin

Rev. Ted Kang

Last update: 3/12/2020

Dear Family,

We had initially drafted an email to go out to the church today highlighting the measures we are taking to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As you know by now, the situation has taken a dramatic turn, as yesterday the WHO declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic and the federal government placed a travel ban from 28 European countries, along with other emergency measures. As of last night and this morning, several states (including California) are now banning any public gatherings of 250 or more people (see gathering guidance). They are also recommending smaller gatherings to cancel or postpone unless people can maintain the minimum distance of 6 feet.

We have been monitoring the situation by the hour and believe that it is time for us to postpone our in person gatherings (including fellowships/small groups, Sunday worship services, Children and Youth ministries, including ARROWS and E2) on the church campus until further notice. This measure is not a matter of our faith or trust in God but now a matter of our civil responsibility. Our Sunday worship services will be held online rather than on our church campus and our staff will be preparing to livestream our Sunday services in the next 24 hours and we will follow up with the appropriate links and instructions. But, until then, please be in prayer for our community and nation as we go through this crisis.


Rev. Ted Kang