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Welcome to the home of SJCAC Youth Ministry. Our vision is to raise up an army of God that will bring God’s manifest presence to the ends of the earth until our Lord Jesus Christ returns. We invite you to join the crusade and live a radical life that will shape the history of our generation.


* Church-Wide Events may change this schedule. ** No meeting on 5th Saturdays, unless stated on the Youth Events Calendar.

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Our Youth Programs

Elijah Elisha Fellowship


JH & HS @ SJCAC Sanctuary

Youth at San Jose Christian Alliance Church are encouraged to practice taking ownership of their faith while developing a deeper understanding of God through relationships with mentors. The Mentor-Mentee model is where an older, more experienced individual will build a meaningful relationship with the younger person, hopefully lasting longer than only their Junior High and High School years. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves, discover who they are, and why they and their gifting matter to God.

English Worship Service

11:15 am

Sun. Breakfast Fellowship: 9:30am – 10:45am @ A103/104 Youth Wing
“One generation will declare His works to another, and will proclaim His mighty acts”

God’s blessings flow from one generation to another generation. Every Sunday, the young and the old gather together to celebrate our Heavenly Father’s goodness in an intergenerational worship experience in the Chapel. We worship truly as one family. It will be something new, fun, and unique! So expect a time of surprise, restoration and refreshing. Simply put more of Jesus!


God has enabled our youth to reach out to the less fortunate in our neighborhood and bless them spiritually and physically. By taking the time to sit down and eat with the homeless, we have been able to hear incredible stories and spend time with those who are normally overlooked by pedestrians. In sharing our lunch, we also receive the opportunity to spread God’s merciful love.


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