Kids on Mission




July 3-6, 2018
@ YWAM San Francisco


Tithe.Ly – Give to: YWAM STM


Age: All ages
Training Dates: Saturday’s @ 3-5pm
1/27, 3/10, 4/28, 5/19, 6/20
(can miss 1 with approval)
Application due: 11/1/2017

Raise full amount by 6/1/2018


God is raising a generation of children to BE ON A MISSION! Our SJCAC kids have been soaked in prayer and been spiritually trained as God’s sharpened arrows over the years and we sense it is time to take them out. No one is ever too young to engage with God’s heart for the world. What an opportunity to expose our children to the physical and spiritual needs of people living in extreme poverty and without the hope of the Gospel. It’s time for our kids and families to rise up and engage with God’s big world.

  • Who can go?
    We are opening this trip to any child 5+ years. The child(ren) must be accompanied by at least one parent for the entire duration of the trip. The parent can discern if the child can keep up with the demands of the ministry schedule as well as the child’s readiness to engage with homeless and prayer ministry. This may be the first step for families to engage outside of our comfort zones and allow children to see first hand the real needs of the poor and hopeless right in our backyard.
  • What will we do there?
    SF YWAM is located at the heart of the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. There is a very heavy homeless population. We will engage in providing food services to the homeless at the YWAM base, go out to feed and pray for the homeless, engage in prayer walks and prayer ministry, have a possible outreach to the neighborhood children and families. Possibilities are endless and once we start our training, we can come up with our own ideas!
  • Why is the application due so early?
    We do not see this trip as an isolated trip that we plan for just a few weeks beforehand. We want to use the entire 6 months prior to the trip for intentional discipleship and understanding of God’s heart for the lost. The trip will only be the culmination of all the children have engaged with months leading up to the trip.
  • What are the training dates?
    Saturday’s, 3‐5pm January 27, March 10, April 28, May 19, June 30 (can miss 1 with approval)
  • What if I sign up and end up missing more than 1 training?
    Once you miss more than 1 training or do not participate in the full 2 hour training, you will be excused from joining the actual mission trip. No exceptions will be made. This is the reason we are giving you the dates in advance so your family can plan around these set dates. However, you can continue joining us for training.
  • What will we do during the training time?
    We will introduce children and families to God’s heart for people, what the Good News is, what our role is in God’s redemptive plan, how to live out God’s mission here and now, how to pray for people, and how to do prayer walk. We will also do practical training by partnering with local agencies to connect with the underprivileged and the homeless.
  • When and where can I apply?
    Application will be ready on the church website on October 3. The application will have a child and parent section.
  • When is the application due?
    Applications are due by November 1. Both the parent and child applications must be filled out and submitted. Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. A $50/participant deposit is required with the application. Check should be payable to “SJCAC”, Memo ”Kids on Mission”. The actual cost of the trip will be $200.
  • Can siblings join?
    Yes! SF YWAM can host up to 80 participants, so room for the entire family is very possible! All participants are required to join the training dates. The training date requirement applies to every individual desiring to join this trip